Automatic Gearbox Repairs Reading

Automatic Gearbox Repairs Reading


Automatic Gearbox Repairs Reading  from the Automatic Gearbox specialist Repair centre who are based in Reading Berkshire, we have many years experience repairing Automatic and Manual Gearbox Rebuilds so we have the expertise to get you back on the road as quick as possible and normally within 3/4 days depending on the of new parts that will need to be ordered at the time which also includes Gearbox Servicing on All Makes and models Automatic and Manual Gearboxes.

We never compromise on parts or quality when working on your car or van and we use advanced diagnostic equipment to help to make sure that we get the job finished Quickly and back on the road to your satisfaction at all Times and we can also offer you a recovery service to get your vehicle to our workshop for repair and can offer a courtesy vehicle if this is available so we are able to fix your automatic gearbox repair reading so you can get on with your daily work plan stress free

Automatic Gearbox Servicing Reading

Why not book your car or van in to have a Gearbox Transmission Service this includes changing all filters and replacing your transmission fluid with fresh oils this will help to prolong the life of your automatic Gearbox, after time your transmission oil fluid looses its VISCOSITY a posh word which refers to the flow rate or thickness of your transmission Fluid we recommend a Gearbox service every 35/45 thousand miles depending on your Vehicles make or model, please check your service manual of your vehicle which the manufacture will state or recommended Gearbox mileage service intervals which will help prolong the life of your Gearbox this also applies to Manual Gearbox’s, a Gearbox or Engine is like a Human Being if you do not look after these expensive vital components they will get ill and cost you a Lot of money to fix simply because the parts are very expensive and then you have the cost of the labour charges on top of that as well.

Automatic Gearbox And Manual Gearbox Repair specialists Reading

We are happy to discuss with you our customer any issues that you may have or anything that you do not understand as to why your automatic or manual gearbox has failed and needs repairing and we can offer a Fully reconditioned replacement Gearbox which will come with a 12 months or 12,000 mile warranty whichever comes sooner.

Useful Tips About Automatic Gearbox Repairs In Reading

Moving away from manual transmission today most cars have switched over to automatic transmission of gear. This is because there are some obvious advantages and benefits associated with automatic gear transmission. One of the biggest advantages of automatic gear transmission is that it helps the drivers to concentrate on the road rather than being bothered about the right placement of gears. The elimination of the stick shift certainly has made life easy for drivers.


Automatic Gearbox Repairs Reading


However, it is important to ensure that the automatic transmission gears are kept in good condition. This certainly will call for being proactive rather than being reactive. Let us look at some simple tips that could help in ensuring proper maintenance of the automatic transmission gears. We will also look at the various danger signals which perhaps could be available from the right automatic gearbox repairs reading devices.


Routine Checking Of Fluid Levels


One of the main reasons for damage to automatic gear transmission is because of depletion in fluid levels. The onus therefore lies on the end users to check on the fluid levels on a regular basis. There are many ways to do it and today’s vehicles come with gadgets and devices which can easily show as to when the fluid levels are dipping before comfort levels. Replenishing the fuel and ensuring that it is above optimum levels is perhaps the first step when it comes to increasing the live of automatic gear boxes so regular servicing of your Automatic Gearbox is essential.


The Importance Of Regular Automatic Transmission Services


The next important point is to ensure that the vehicle in general and the transmission boxes in particular should be serviced on a regular basis. It is always better to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturers and the need for servicing can range from every 30000 miles to 100000 miles. All said and done you can avoid unwanted repairs if you are ready to follow the service manual standards in letter and spirit. The service usually involves removal of the oil pan in the transmission gear box, inspecting and cleaning the pan for metal shavings and if needed replacement of the pan gasket and filter and filling the gear box again with new fluid.


Don’ts Which Must Be Followed Scrupulously

Automatic Gearbox Repairs Reading

Any Automatic vehicle will last long only if the stipulated weight carrying capacity if followed and you do not overload your automatic vehicle. Overloading the vehicles certainly puts lot of strain on the gearbox and leads to build of up of immense heat inside the transmission gear. Even when towing or carrying weights within the stipulated limits, one has to bear in mind certain things. The transmission tends to become overheated and it usually happens when you are negotiating hilly terrains, deserts and thick city traffic where there is a need for regular stop and go. The moment you notice that the transmission gear is heating up, it would be advisable to give it a rest. Failure to do so will most certainly damage the gearbox beyond repair and even the best of automatic gearbox repairs reading services may not be of much use.


It Is Better To Avoid Manual Shifts with Automatic Gearbox’s Reading

Automatic Gearbox Rebuilds Reading


It is always advisable to place the shifter lever to D position. This allows much better control of the transmission gears and also ensures better management of the shift timing. It should be understood that automatic transmissions happen only when the optimum RPMs are achieved by the engine. This takes into account the speed of the vehicle and the load it carries. Turning it to manual downshifting and up shifting must be avoided because it results in excessive wear to the friction clutches and gears.


Avoid Spinning Wheels When Stuck In Sand Or Mud


When your wheels of your vehicles get stuck in mud, snow, or ice, often the tendency is to spin the wheels to set the vehicle free. Moving it between reverse and drive and regularly spinning the wheels again builds up tremendous heat inside the gear box. A few minutes of high speed wheel spinning is all that it takes to completely damage a quality transmission gearbox.




Automatic Gearbox Specialists Reading Hence while there is no doubt that it is important to hire the right automatic gearbox Repair Company, following some time tested maintenance tips is highly recommended. It could make the job of repairing the gearbox easier and avoid unwanted and avoidable damages to the gearbox. There are quite a few resources available on the internet which perhaps could help in more ways than one.

Automatic Gearbox specialists Reading has been trading now since 1999 and we cover and collect cars from all over Berkshire and as we are Automatic as well as Manual Gearbox repair specialists We will repair your Gearbox to the highest industry standards whilst also offering 12 months or 12,000 mile warranty on your Automatic or Manual Gearbox

Automatic Gearbox Specialists Reading