Cheap Mot Reading

Cheap Mot Reading

Cheap Mot Reading from the Mot Centre In Reading at Great Rates we are very flexible with our Mot test times with Mot test slots available every half hour including late night testing up to 0000pm making it very convenient for you to have your Cheap Mot Reading Carried Out after work.


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Cheap Mot Reading


Tips on how to avoid huge MoT Testing bills in Reading

A MoT test is a test for cars that are more than three years of age in the UK. The purpose of MoT test is to make sure the vehicles meet the minimum safety standard required by the law. The penalty for not taking your car for a test could be a fine. During the MoT test, the technicians will conduct a comprehensive series of inspections around your vehicle, including the exterior, interior, under the bonnet and under the car.


The result of every check is recorded and if your vehicle passes, the technician will issue you with the receipt indicating that the information is stored on the MoT database. The database is linked to all MoT testing stations in the country. If you dread submitting your car for a MoT test, you are not alone. With the risk of a large bill looming over every test, it is natural to be concerned that your local garage is only after your money. Read on to find out how to get cheap mot testing in Reading.


Consider your options on cheap mot reading

There are a number of MoT testing stations in Reading. Before you decide to submit your car for a test, consider where to have the test conducted: local garage, dealer, council, or fast-fit outfit. The dealer is the most costly option because if the car needs repair, you will have to pay their labour rates. Fast-fit garages are cost-effective as many do carry MoT testing at discounted prices. However, they have to recover their cash somewhere if the car fails the test. There’s the suspicion that some dishonest operators can deliberately fail cars in order to keep their employees in gainful employment.


Ask your family/friends

Another great good idea is to speak to friends or family to get their opinions about where they usually take their cars for inspection and whether they are content with the services that were rendered. Be sure to ask about their experience with the the cheap mot reading centre. Word of Mouth is also very powerful in the car industry and a great MoT test facility is, without a doubt, worth its weight in gold. Therefore seek advice from other car owners that may have some experience for you but most notably check out their online reviews see what there customers are saying about them this will help you choose your mot test centre and the best one for you.


Negotiate the best deal for you

Walk into a MoT center without negotiating the best price and you may whip your wallet out. Be sure to negotiate the price with the MoT testing station before you submit your vehicle for testing. A good MoT station won’t make you feel pressured but will walk you through what needs to be done, the prices, reasons why the test failed, and what they should do to fix it. These are some of the criteria an MoT center needs to meet to be awarded its MoT test status.

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Form a good relationship

Striking up a relationship with your local mechanics can really help. A mechanic that tends to your car happily shows you exactly why your car has failed and explains repair phases. He will also give you available choices. But if your car is new, there’s another way–the council test centre. There are many council test centres in Reading that can test your vehicle. Designed for council cars, they test the public vehicles but are not permitted to fix them. So there is no interest in failing a car in order to make more cash from the car owner by charging for the repair job they will suggest.


Pre-test your vehicle

Doing your own pre-test inspection before you go to the test station is the best way to cut down on MoT bill. The largest proportion, nearly a quarter, fail MoTs test due to burst light bulbs, signalling and tires. So, inspect the headlights, indicators and tires to make sure that they are in good working condition. Although a full suspension inspection is hard, it is also worth your time. To check whether the shock absorbers are worn out, quickly apply your weight to every corner of your vehicle. When you release, it should bounce up, then quickly settle back.

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Most MoT testing stations in Reading are driving car owners away because of their insane MoT testing prices. If you are fed up with unscrupulous MoT centers making your vehicle’s MoT a misery, then the tips above can help You but the best idea would be to bring your car to the Mot Centre Reading who will conduct a fair cheap mot testing reading policy.

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