Garage Services Pangbourne

Garage Services Pangbourne

Garage Services Pangbourne based In Tilehurst Reading Berkshire we are easily located for the people of Pangbourne and the surrounding Areas such Upper Basildon, Streatley, Goring , Bradfield,Theale

We offer all the following Services

  • Car Servicing
  • Car and Motorbike Mot Testing
  • Car Repairs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Engine Diagnostics for Cars And Motorbikes
  • Cambelt Replacement
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust Systems
  • 4 x 4 Wheel alignment Service
  • Car Recovery Service
Car Air Conditioning Repairs Pangbourne

Car Air conditioning Pangbourne


We have been trading now for over 20 years and have a fantastic reputation for customer service and attention to detail with our full labour and parts Guarantee promise to you are customer at all times, and we will price match and price promise where we can.

Finding Reliable Garage Services in Pangbourne

If you are searching for a garage service in Pangbourne, Reading, UK then you should contact with one that has signed up with the Motor Industry Code of Practice presently run by a subsidiary of SMMT, Motor Codes Limited with full approval for OFT. This code also ensures that you have selected reliable garage services Pangbourne, if your car needs some work to be done on its body or engine. Moreover, it also guarantees that the garage will neither over charge you nor play foul with your while repairing your vehicle.

Some of the people working in motor trade have good reputation whereas some are unfair. But the problem between the customers and all types of garage services Pangbourne persists since long due to media coverage of untrustworthy garages in this region. The main aim of the introduction of the Motor Industry Code of Practice is to encourage the service providers to rebuild the confidence of their customers by raising their standards along improving the image of their trade.

Background of the Code of Practice

Due to carelessness in the repair work the annual cost of vehicle repairs increased to over 4 billion pounds which compelled the National Consumer Council to call the industry to take approval of the Office of Fair Trading while opening a new garage or face legal consequences. This report later on became the initial cause of this code. This code of practice was developed by the collective efforts of the Office of Fair Trading, Retail Motor Industry Federation, some car dealer groups and vehicle manufacturers along with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders or SMMT. Today, after getting complete approval from OFT in November 2011, the Code of practice is run by a subsidiary of SMMT, Motor Codes Limited.

Reason of this code of practice

Increase confidence of the customers: This Code of Practice was developed to help in identifying the garage services Pangbourne providing satisfactory services to their customers while dealing with their cars. All the aspects of the work done in the garages are covered in this code of practice including booking the work, advertising, invoicing, undertaking repairs and resolving the problems.

Audit by the AA: AA are appointed at the network of more than 8,000 garages under Motor Codes of Practice to carry-out their inspections and auditing their accounts along with their partners every month along with check their business at least twice a year, after signing up with them

Transparency: Another reason of implementing Code of practice is to ensure transparency for the owners of the cars owners by publishing the inspection reports of the AA of the subscribing garages on the profile pages of Motor Codes.

Services provided by the garages after signing up on Code of Practice

Fair and honest service

Pricing should be clean

Provide service or repairs as per agreement with you

Cost of repair should match with the initial quote

The staff should be well trained and keen to repair properly

Complaint procedure should be easy and fast

Who can subscribe?

The garage services Pangbourne which carry out repair or servicing of the cars and light commercial vehicles can subscribe with the Code of Practice after paying a small annual fee. They will have to pay regularly to undergo compliance check to ensure that they meet the required standards continuously. While finding a garage for servicing your car next time you should look for the logo to ensure its reliability.

Customers’ feedback

You can give feedback online to the Motor Industry Code of Practice regarding the quality of service you have received from the garage. It will help the authorities in improving the business practices in this trade and provide peace of mind to the customers.

Resolution of the disputes

Motor Industry Code of Practice also helps in resolving disputes between the garage and the customer if the customer service of the garage does not put an ear to your complaint. In such situation you can contact at Motor Codes Limited for free customer advice or free conciliation service or arbitration, if the dispute is not resolved mutually by the subscribed garage services Pangbourne, for the satisfaction of the customers.

Thus while finding reliable garage services Pangbourne you should focus on their subscription with Motor Industry Code of Practice along with other features.

Garage Services Pangbourne