Mot Bay Reading

Mot Bay Reading

Mot Bay Reading from The Car Service and Mot Centre Reading, If you book on-line you can qualify for our special discounted price of £35.00 pounds Yes that is correct but not compromising on quality of service to you our customer.

Everything You Need to Know About Mot Bay Reading, When to Get an MOT Bay Reading
The MOT Bay Reading evaluates the vehicle to ensure that it meets the road safety environmental standards.

An MOT reading should be acquired during:
– The third anniversary of the vehicle’s registration;
– If it’s over 3 years old, the anniversary of the last MOT testing.

Likewise, there are some vehicles that need to be tested after one year.


Mot Bay Reading

Mot Bay Reading


Earliest Date to Get an MOT Bay in Reading

An MOT certificate is good for a year. Also, the date it runs out is shown on the last pass certificate. It’s possible to get an MOT up to a month (minus one day) before it expires so that you can keep the same renewal date.

For instance, it the MOT runs out on May 15th, then the earliest you can get an MOT reading in order to keep the same renewal date would be on April 16th. Although it’s possible to get an MOT in advance, the MOT renewal date would not be the same.

What If the MOT runs out?
Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be allowed to use your vehicle on the road the moment your MOT has run out. Failure to comply would result in prosecution for you, you can only legally drive it to a Mot Test Centre Reading

Booking an MOT Bay Reading
For bookings, it’s important to only use an approved MOT Bay Reading centre to acquire your MOT.

MOT Costs
The MOT cost will depend on the type of vehicle and there’s a maximum amount the MOT test stations are allowed to charge which is £54.85

How the Test Works
During the MOT, it’s very important that the parts of the vehicle will be thoroughly checked in order to ensure that they meet the legal standards. Although it’s possible to watch the test from a viewing area, you’re not allowed to interrupt the tester during the process.

Parts Tested
The MOT Bay Reading is required to assess some important items on the vehicle in order to check if these parts meet the legal standards. It’s not the same as having the vehicle professionally services, and this doesn’t include checking the general mechanical condition of the vehicle. The MOT test won’t cover the condition of clutch, engine, or gear box.

The vehicle structure, body, and general items will be inspected to see if they’re free from damage and/or excessive corrosion in particular areas, and if there aren’t any sharp edges that could potentially cause injury.

The fuel system would also be inspected to see if there are no leaks, the hoses and pipes are secure and in good condition, and the fuel cap seals and fasten securely. It’s important to make sure that the key is available, since the fuel cap must be opened.

Other parts to be checked include the following:
– Exhaust Emissions
– Exhaust System
– Seatbelts
– Seats
– Doors
– Mirrors
– Load security
– Brakes
– Registration plates
– Lights
– Bonnets
– Wipers and washers
– Windscreen
– Tires and wheels
And many more.

MOT Bay Test Result
The vehicle can either pass or fail the MOT. If in case it fails, then you’ll be getting a list of things that must be fixed and you will be given 7 working days to get it fixed or we will happily give you a quote to have the work done by us.

On the other hand, if you pass the MOT Bay reading, you’ll receive an MOT certificate from the test centre, and it will also be recorded on the MOT database so if you need to tax your vehicle you can do this immediately.