Mot Reading

Mot Reading

Mot Reading – From The Mot Centre In Reading we are now offering discounted Car mots if booked with a Full Car Service so take advantage of our special offer today for a Limited period only.

we are based on The corner of Loverock Road And Wigmore Lane Reading opposite the access storage building all in blue And Yellow.

What is tested on Your Car Mot Reading

A lot of cars are failing their annual mot on silly little things that could be avoided if you spent half an hour of your time before you brought your car to us, the most common things are Lights, check your lights all of them including the indicators, check that you have your windscreen washer bottle filled up, another easy failure to avoid, check your horn and that your windscreen wipers are not split, just a few tips to help you out and safe you money when bringing your vehicle for its Mot test Reading

Just remember we do not make the rules we are only employed to enforce the law, and remember your life is in our hands, so you do not really want us passing your car when it is clearly dangerous to be on the road and that is what a Mot Test Reading is all about, making sure vehicles that are being used on our uk roads are safe to do so, The Mot Test Reading are only carried out to the minimum safety standard that is required by law, so what may pass its reading mot Test today may fail its mot Reading tomorrow, that is how close the minimum safety standard is set at.

One Example of this is, I Tested a Car Today the front tyres where reading 1.6m which is the least tread a tyre can have before those tyres are illegal, we cant fail this cars mot for this so we would advise our customer that the tyres need changing sooner rather than later, our customer travels 100 miles round trip to work everyday well within 3 days of leaving our garage his tyres will be illegal and if he brought this car back to me and i remoted his car then he will receive a mot failure as his tyres would be then below 1.6m as he has covered another 300/400 miles from when i did his mot reading for him/her.

Our Reading Mot Garage is a one stop shop for all your car needs so if and when you do your mot checks before making a appointment for your mot test we can replace your tyres, brakes, bulbs, car servicing everything that you may need to get your car through its yearly mot reading test can be carried out here so you do not need to visit bob round the corner for tyres or richard for your car service, what we offer is a very convenient one stop shop, so give us a try today you will be pleasantly surprised by our friendly service and very competitive affordable prices, or check out our reviews on Google and see what our customers have to say about us.

Mot Reading