Motorbike Repairs

Motorbike Repairs

Motorbike repairs from this motorcycle Dealer, Great economical and competitive motorbike repairs carried out in our workshops Harley Davidsons, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati all all repaired and serviced by our qualified and experienced technicians at great competitive prices we can supply the parts and the labour to get you back on the road in double quick time.


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Motorbike Repairs Reading Berkshire

Motorbike Repairs are carried out here in our workshops in Reading Berkshire and plenty of our customers travel from afar to receive our motorbike and motorcycle repairs as they are carried out to perfection each and every time and our motorbike servicing prices are also very reasonable indeed so what are you waiting for book in your motorcycle for its annual service and mot today you will be surprised by our very competitive pricing structure.

we have been in the motorbike repairs and mot industry for the past 20 years so we have plenty of experience in fixing servicing and maintaining Motorbikes including scooters of any model and makes from our premises based in Reading berkshire.

Reliable Motorbike Repair Workshop in Reading Berkshire

True motorbike riders know the importance of repair and maintenance practices. Are you in Berkshire and would like to have your bike repaired by professionals? Let us handle the job. We are a renown motorbike repair workshop in Berkshire Reading. We derive our pride in restoring motorcycles and bringing them back to life.

No matter how careful you may be, your bike will occasionally develop one mechanical problem or another. This should not mark the end of your riding. Bring it to our workshop in Berkshire and we will repair it. It is prudent to have the problem solved earlier enough than wait till escalates to dangerous levels.

Repair different types bikes
At our workshop, the type of the bike or the design does not matter. We have all the necessary skills to handle different types of bikes. We can repair cruisers, sports bikes, dual sports, dirt bikes and even adventure bikes among others. Apart from the types of bikes, we also repair different brands of bikes. Our mechanics can easily handle bikes from major brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, KTM, and Triumph. Don’t be stranded just because you think your bike is unique and sophisticated. We can handle anything that you bring to us.

Wide range of repair services
Motorbikes are always affected by different types of mechanical problems and each issue needs to be handled uniquely. At our workshop, we provide a broad range of repair services that will solve your problem. Some of our key motorcycle repair services include but not limited to:

-Oil changes and filter

-Fixing and adjusting chain

-Belt adjustment

-Battery check

-Complete tire inspection and pressure check

-Mounting gas tank

-Installing and replacing windshield

-Replacing exhaust

-Fixing and replacing shift levers

-Full inspection of the bike

-Mounting different types of accessories among many
other bike repair services

Professional mechanics

Our repair workshop is run by qualified and well-experienced motorbike mechanics. We have all the necessary knowledge that is needed to solve a problem in the bike-regardless of how complicated it may be. Our expertise in this field is backed up by several years of experience in repairing motorbikes. We have been providing motorbike repair services in Berkshire for years and we the massive experience that we have gathered comes handy in solving different types of problems that can happen on a motorbike.

Apart from the skills and experience, we also conduct ourselves professionally. We do all that it takes to ensure that our clients are happy. Before embarking on a repair service, we inform the client the magnitude of the problem and the actions that we will take to solve them. We don’t engage in dubious practices such as hiding vital information from motorbike owners. You will also love the courteous nature of our mechanics. We keep all the communication open and you will feel free to interact with us. We are a repair workshop that understands the deepest needs of our clients and aims at fulfilling them


Some bikers tend to worry too much about the cost of repairing bikes and this holds them back from taking their bikes to workshops. With us, you don’t have to worry about the pricing issue. Our rates are quite reasonable and pocket-friendly. Most riders in Berkshire appreciate us because of our affordability.

Despite charging reasonable rates, we don’t compromise on quality. We do a thorough job regardless of how small the problem may look.
Still, on the matter of pricing, we are fully transparent with our rates. We will give you full details regarding the cost of repair, leaving nothing outside.

Reliable mechanics

We are the motorbike mechanics that you can fully trust to get the job done. Apart from ensuring that you get quality repair services, we also make sure that the job is done in good time. You don’t have to wait for ages to get your bike back. We give it full attention to ensure that you get it back on the road within the shortest duration.

Our reliability also stems from the fact that you can get genuine parts from us. If you want to replace parts of your bikes, we can do it for you with original parts that match with your bike.

We understand what motorbikes mean to ardent riders and that’s why we dedicate to repairing bikes and keeping them in good shape. If you are in Berkshire, Reading, don’t hesitate to visit us and let’s sort out that nagging issue on your bike.