ECU Repairs And Remap Reading

ECU Repairs And Remap Reading

ECU Repairs and remap Reading are carried out here as well as ECU Engine Remapping for better Fuel Economy and better Engine performance, unlock your Vehicles Brake Horse Power or Bhp with our ECU Remapping service carried out here on the premises at the engine remaping Reading at Fantastic Competitive Prices or we can come to your home or business.

We can save you up to 15% in fuel economy and boost your engines Performance by up to 35%


Ecu Repairs Reading And Engine Remapping Reading  is the No1 choice for getting the best out of your car or van engine. Why pay more for fuel than you need to? Using the latest technology, our experts can re-tune your engine so you can save up to 15% on fuel, this includes Motor homes and Motorbikes or basically anything with 4 wheels a engine or a on board computer commonly known as a ECU and we can even remapp cars that do not have a on board obd port so pre 1980 models can be remapped as well.

And why settle for lower performance than your engine was designed for? Our process can boost your car/van performance by up to 35% at least so carry out a ecu remap to get the results you require

And with our 31-day no quibble money back guarantee, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with us. We will restore the original settings of your engine if you are in any way unhappy with your re tune – and we will refund your money yes all of it, but you will be so pleased with the results of our work we are very confident this will not enter your mind.

For an instant quote and to find out the options available for your make and model, simply call us today A  Free no obligation Reading Engine Ecu Repair or a Engine Remap Service Reading Quote today.

We also offer our services to fleet managers has your company got a lot of company cars and vans we can offer large discounts for businesses with more than 3 vehicles that you would like to have remapped to safe you a ton of money on fuel with the costs of fuel forever rising the savings are phenomenal.

ECU Repairs And Remap Reading

We offer

  • No Mechanical Modifications
  • Money back guarantee
  • 2001 vehicles onwards
  • We can visit you at home or at work
  • From £249
  • Diesel: Power & Economy
  • Petrol: Torque & Power
  • Private, Fleet & Commercial

Ecu Engine Repairs Reading and Engine Remapping Reading Service  is dedicated to offering motorists a professional service and all our staff are trained in customer service and after care – and they also speak your language and will explain everything to you in detail that you fully understand.

If you have any questions about our Reading ECU Repairs or Our Reading Engine Remapping or would like any advice on our remapping service (it’s free), our team are waiting for your call now 01189581198

The costs for this service of Engine remapping start from £249.00 plus vat depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Professional Engine (ECU) Remapping


Ecu And Engine Remap Services Reading

Engine ECU Repairs Reading – Engine Remap Reading Berkshire

Engine Ecus being a electrical part on your vehicle can fail from time to time but we are experts in saving you a lot of money by repairing your existing Ecu because buying a replacement ecu can be very expensive so we have invested a lot of time effort and money being able to repair your Ecu saving you lots of money in the process.

The performance of modern vehicles are limited by the manufacturers for many reasons. One being that they have to allow for the use of poor quality fuels and infrequent servicing but not least of all it allows manufactures the ability to introduce performance increases throughout a vehicles production life.

We are able to modify the operating parameters of your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), releasing the power that your vehicle was intended to produce. In some cases this can be up to 20% more power and 25% more torque.

Ecu remap Reading On diesel and petrel engines this can increase fuel economy by between 10 – 20%.

We take an enormous pride in our workmanship our highly trained staff use the very latest in ECU programming equipment to provide optimization of an unparalleled range of vehicles. From passenger cars through to light commercials and HGV’s. The Ecu Repair and engine remap centre can also create custom orders for fleet owners on request.

Car Ecu Repairs And Engine Remapping service Reading